The time of year means more than which crops will grow and what weather will reign. In the New Albion setting, the time of year carries supernatural weight, and significantly impacts mortal lives from month-to-changing-month. 

The Material Plane is suffused with a highly reactive layer of mana which surrounds the world like a second skin. This mana, called Rhiennan mana after the druidic circle to discover it, can be wielded by mortals to work feats of magic. However, the most common form of natural magic is due to the effects of the seasons and stars on Rhiennan mana. Each season carries its own magical energy, influencing events in nature and the lives of mortals alike. Similarly, the constelllations above have shifting effects month-by-month throughout the course of the year.

The following entries are the two most prominent calendars in use on the Material Plane in modern day. Although others exist and have existed, the Halachan and Carturian calendars are broadly accepted in every major mortal culture on the Material.

The Carturian CalendarEdit

Developed by an association of scholars, monks, mystics, and drunks, the Carturian Calendar studies the changing skies and the effects of the stars on the world. The Calendar must be recorded each year; while the celestial bodies are reliable in the sequence of ascension, the exact times and dates vary from year to year. Members of the infamous Carturian Council meet to record the current year's shifting constellations and discuss the facts, which often includes accusations of blasphemy, threats of violence, and lots of shouting.

The Carturian Calendar is composed of twelve distinct months, each twenty-seven days in length. The months are as follows;

Months of the Year

Early Spring; the New Year

Fairmoon Mid-Spring
Narlsmarch Late Spring
Veltenner Early Summer
Sterrenzeit Mid-Summer
Aborast Late Summer; the Mid-Year
Wildergreen Early Autumn
Torssenthal Mid-Autumn
Hexenzeit Late Autumn
Rohigost Early Winter
Frostlight Mid-Winter
Candlepyre Late Winter; the Year's End

Days of the WeekEdit

A week in the Carturian Calendar is nine days long. Each month begins on First Day and ends on its third Last Day. The only variance is that First Day takes the appropriate title for whatever week of the month it is; Second Day for the second week, and Third Day for the third week.

In order, the days are;

Days of the Week
First Day
Last Day

Records and WritingEdit

Practices vary across the realms of which order to present the date in, but common use is to present the day, followed by the month, and then the year and age. In cultures where matters of accounting and beaurocracy are of importance, the date is typically recorded in an abbreviated or numerical format.

Traditional FormatEdit

  • Sondae the 11th, of Veltenner, Year 160 of the Second Age. 

Abbreviated FormatEdit

  • Son 11, VELT, 160, 2A

Numerical FormatEdit

  • 11 / 4 / 160 / 2

The Halachan CalendarEdit

Discovered by the druid-sages of Lachloss, the Halachan Calendar records the effects of the current season on the world's ambient mana. The year is organized into a cycle of four seasons, which have many names across the realms. Each season is eighty-one (81) days long, for a year of three-hundred-twenty-four (324) days.

The seasonal calendar goes as follows;