The universe is separated into different planes of existence, each of which are bound by differents set of metaphysical laws (if any at all). Passage between these planes is possible, but only possible through unique circumstances or powerful magic. There are many planes of existence, but the following are the major planes of the universal stage.

The Material PlaneEdit

the Material, the Mortal Realms, the Prime

The first world, the original plane, home to many mortal races and cultures. The Material is the center stage of creation, where strange and extraordinary forces clash and collide. Much of the universe is defined in its relationship to the Material Plane. Mortal lives play out in this earthly world, where many stories begin and end.

The Material Plane's two continents surround the Celestine Ocean, whose center spills in a great maelstrom into the Astral Realm.


the Fair Lands, Faerie, Old Anwynn

From where Elvenkind hails and the True Fae hold their mercurial courts. Beneath Anwynn's twilight skies is a land of enchanting beauty and ever-shifting arcane law. In meadows of glimmering emerald grass, weeping parents abandon infants for the Fair Folk to take and raise. In courtyards of glyph-woven horn and living silver, Anwynn's rulers invent increasingly elaborate ways to entertain and amuse themselves, often at the expense of their subjects.

It is from Anwynn that the Elves first emmigrated to the Material Plane seeking emancipation, and where many traditions of magicianship and wizardry originate.

The Astral RealmEdit

the Celestial Reach, the Realm-above-Realms, the Supernal

The great void that lies above all other planes. Its emptiness is broken by the starry bodies of the Celestine Spirits, who radiate their influence onto the rest of creation from their heavenly domains. The eldest of these spirits watches its younger siblings contest for power, adjudicator for the never-ending war in the stars.

For centuries the Astral Realm was assumed to be strictly heavenly, but with the discovery of the Celestial Ocean at the heart of the Prime Material, mortalkind has begun exploring in earnest the oceanic lower reaches of the Astral Realm.

For rules and guidance for Celestine Influence, see here.

The Border-MarchesEdit

the Dreaming, the Mirror, the Spaces Between

A twisting dimension that fills the spaces between worlds. Folk tales tell of half-remembered conversations with the hazy denizens of the Dreaming, whose eyes glint a hungry orange and mouths filled with starlight. Parents teach their children to be wary breaking a mirror for fear of what may be on the other side. Passage through the realms is possible by travel through the Border-Marches, but the secrets of negotiation with its masters belong to the powerful, foolish, and the questionably fortunate.

The UnderworldEdit

Avernus, the Great Below, the Shadow

A cavern that never ends; the dwelling of the dead and never-alive. When a mortal dies, its soul descends into the depths of the Underworld. Endless tunnels in the long dark twist like serpents, where saltwater and blood-ochre drip into the deep silence of the afterlife. The domain of the dead is guarded jealously by its inhabitants, who know firsthand that life is wasted on the living.