The structure of creation has known two rough forms through the history of creation. The beginning of existence isn't an understood topic, but the world that existed immediately after its birth was a place of infinite possibility and incomprehensible madness. Primal aspects of reality clashed and conflicted, often violently, with dangerous and unpredictable results. The Era Primeval ended with the intervention of El Shaddai, Keeper of Boundaries, who took creation and shaped it into recognizable planar structure.

A celestial barrier was constructed around the first world, and its wild aspects were relocated to newer, outer planes of their own. Written below is an introduction to each of the greater planes and their place in modern planar structure.


When reading or speaking of Arcadia, somewhere in the author's mind is Arcadia's beauty: of emerald glades bespeckled with wildflowers made of living light, of an endless twilit sky that colors and fills the gentle winds, of the quiet lullabies of their rivers and creeks, whose babbles and murmurs offer company to travelers on winding paths. They think of the quiet an isolated meadow surrounded by the thorns of the Hedge can bring, and of the vicious grins of True Fae hunting relentlessly for their mortal quarry.

Arcadia is a place of extremes. Its wonders and creations are beyond any kind of mortal imagining, and at its best, Arcadia is a place of endless enchantment. But its denizens, the aloof and mercurial True Fae, live only for amusement. Their lives are not bound by any kind of logic or reason, but by the madness of a child's nursery rhyme or the senselessness of a lunatic's mutterings.

The FirmamentEdit

The void that El Shaddai encircled the Prime with. Any mortal that can fly high enough can leave atmosphere behind them and enter the vast emptiness of the Firmament. Distant stars glimmer and swim in the black, while sun and moon make their way through the heavens to bring night and day to the Prime. 

The PrimeEdit

The original plane, the first world, the site of El Shaddai's great work. The Prime is home to many races and civilizations, and enjoys the vast richness of variety. This is the oldest plane in creation, and is generally considered to be at the heart of the universe (although this is a topic of some debate). The Prime has two aspects: the material and the ephemeral, separated by a barried called the Veil.

The Prime Ephemeral PlaneEdit

Although coterminous to its twin, the Ephemeral is slow to change and difficult to arouse. Its spirit denizens - elemental entities of the natural world - exist in nebulous courts and choirs while the movements of elder beings lie on the edge of mortal ken. 

The Prime Material Plane

This aspect of the Prime is colloquially called the Earth, and is populated by a myriad of races, cultures, and organizations. Its civilizations have had the most influence on the universe as a whole, although the fall of the massive Albon Empire might see that change.

The UnderworldEdit

A cavern that never ends, the place where the dead and never-alive hold dominion. When a mortal dies, its soul slips from the body and descends to the subterranean depths of the Underworld, where it will reside forevermore. The domains of the dead are kept by the Kerberoi, the alien entities that relentlessly enfore the Underworld's byzantine laws. Although Azreus claims this realm to be his own, it is unclear which came into existence first.

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