New Albion WikiEdit

The living document of rulings, lore, and development for the New Albion setting.

Navigate the Celestine Ocean.
Struggle against Supernal Spirits.
Discover the Rivers.
Rewrite the Names.
Survive the Storm.

Major ContentEdit

  • The Celestial Ocean: The great ocean that lies beneath the Astral Realm. An ever-spilling maelstrom creates a portal into the Prime Material's waters for the brave and blasphemous to sail into her star-dappled waters. Here the Constellant influences shine the brightest, where mortals and stranger things live and die beneath the glittering Elysian Winds.
  • Constellations: Astral spirits embodied by the stars themselves, waging endless conflict for dominion of the heavens. Their machinations radiate supernal influence into the world, thriving off of and guiding mortal actions in an endless cycle.
  • Lexicography: Written into the essence of each thing is a Name, from where it derives its fundamental nature. The Eponyms provide the ink to the lettering, and influence all manner of supernatural phenomenon.