Southern Caledonian FederationEdit

On the southern peninsula lies the Caledonian Federation; an alliance of provinces descended from the noble houses of Imperial Valricia. While the empire fell when the seas split open, large numbers of its citizens escaped to the south to settle the continent's untamed wilderness.


​​​​A desolate hinterland on the southern slopes of the Grey Mountains. While the soil still bears the scars from many wars waged over access to the mountains, its wilderness runs rife with fish and game. The people of Carnach are hard-working, stoic, and live on simple means. Their isolation from the rest of the Federation gives these pioneers a sense of pride in their independence and self-reliance.


A bustling coastal province where boats sail to bring fish and trade to the Federation. Envoys from the Elven Freeholds visit its ports to exchange news and goods, and adventurers seeking glory and power charter ships to sail the Celestial Ocean. The seafolk of Halastor are experienced shipwrights and navigators, producing the finest sailors in the Federation.


At the heart of the Federation, where many roads and rivers converge, the Capital province holds court. Representatives from across the Federation meet here to decide matters of statecraft, commerce, and war. The citizens of Karlsreik enjoy the benefits of commerce as the Federation's largest crossroads, with levels of innovation and advancement unknown in the other provinces.


Encompassing the breadth of the Grey Mountains, Strossheim feeds the Federation's appetite for iron and silver. These exports bring riches and status to the province, and they rightly see themselves as the arsenal of the Federation. Although abraisive and superior, the alpine folk of Strossheim believe firmly in the unity of the Federation, and stand ever-ready to take up arms in its defense.


A rolling grassland of knolls and dells, the Roztmark is the agricultural heart of the Federation. Cattle, goats, and sheep provide valuable food and goods to be traded, and the Roztmark's equestrians are famed for their raising and training of horses. A sense of kinship runs strong between the province's villages, and the Rostvolk feel a strong bond and kinship with one another as much as they do for the land they depend on.


On the northern border lies the forests of Zorastor, where disparate townships lie between the trees. The province's foresters move carefully through the province; while the bounty of lumber and copper entices commercial ventures, ghoulish creatures haunt the forested mountainside. Generations of hauntings have given the foresters a grim repuation, dour manners, and a distrust for strangers.